Friday, November 10, 2017

Thanksgiving Word Art

Penny with Venomous Creations made some beautiful Thanksgiving Word Art to share with you.

Thank you Penny!

Please leave some passion if you download.

Click on the link below the preview to download.




  1. Thank you for the beautiful word art Penny!

  2. I am wondering if I am allowed to join your forum. I tried to register and it tells me that the admins are not allowing new people. If that is the case then why do you have on your blog saying, "Please come visit us at our forum."


  3. Hi Sarah. Thank you for your message and for your interest in our group. We have only recently changed the settings to not accept new members. Something happened recently, which is why we have it that way. If you will please send me an email at I will be happy to discuss this with you. Please put your name and ATP in the subject line Jules on